Our VPN users experience very slow file transfers (50MB can take 20 minutes with a 20Mbps FiOS connection on each side). If the file is transferred over HTTP or FTP, it's just as fast as you expect. I suspect this has something to do with how Windows handles file transfers, as it …

Transfer Files Using Remote Desktop - IONOS Help Learn how to transfer files between your PC and your server using Remote Desktop. By default, Windows Dedicated Servers have no FTP server installed or setup. The easiest way to securely transfer files between the server and your computer is use Remote Desktop. Click the Start menu on your PC and search for Remote Desktop Connection. File transfer problems through VPN when Cisco IPS is enabled Furthermore, we use FTP to exchange files with many sites everyday without issue. I then disconnected the original VPN session, which was established when the access-list was inactive, and reconnected the VPN session, now with the access-list active. After starting the FTP transfer the file stopped after 150K. Transferring Files Between the Client and a Remote Desktop

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