Jul 03, 2020

Jun 19, 2020 Stream any audio to DLNA/UPNP speakers - Android I figured out partial solution for BeyondPod, a podcast client, and BubbleUPnP, where BubbleUPnP streams to the speaker when it is set as "external" player for BeyondPod. It's a partial solution because it works only for applications with support for redirection to external player. eXport-it UPnP Client/Server [1.6.6] APK - UAPKMOD Jul 03, 2020 Casting with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) – Littlstar

Oct 24, 2019

Is UPnP a Security Risk? - How-To Geek Oct 24, 2019 eXport-it UPnP Client Server V 1.6.6 APK Paid - APK Google

eXport-it UPnP Client Server V 1.6.6 APK Paid - APK Google

Enable UPnP on Android? How to make it happen? - SOLVED! Basically, it is a bit difficult to enable UPnP on Android or via any smartphone. For easily, by choosing the internet provider providing a router along with UPnP integrated into it, you are going to save your life. Slick UPnP for Android - Free download and software Slick UPnP is a free, simple and easy to use client for browsing UPnP media servers and it will enable you to stream media to your device. It focuses on delivering a simple and lightweight experience. The Best DLNA Streaming Apps for Android – September 2019